Production manager

With the help of faculty staff and networking, Isaiah Tour was able to flourish as a production manager.

Key facts

Career: Production manager
Programme: Bachelor of Arts
Subjects: English and Film, Television and Media Studies*

“Being an undergraduate student had its ups and downs for me. I always struggled with the larger classes early on. But then I found with the smaller classes you find ways to bond with people and become great friends. I have made some great friendships that have continued to grow even after finishing my studies.

“As my degree progressed, I found that there are some amazing hands-on courses, particularly in Film, Television and Media Studies, which allowed me to thrive. I was able to develop and foster my creative side, as I am more of a practical person.

“I am currently working as a Production Manager for a motion media company called Omnicron. We specialise in television commercials, documentaries, corporate communications, events and much more. But, I still get to work on my own material and keep my creative juices flowing.

“My degree has helped me in my career by allowing me to develop a network of contacts of other former students. But also the staff in Film, Television and Media studies are the people that can aid you in getting work outside of the university. This is great, as a lot of people find it difficult to know what to do once they graduate.

“I would encourage undergraduate students to put the effort into what they enjoy the most, because studying can be quite overbearing at times. But if there is one thing that allows you to flourish in all ways possible, then it is worth putting your energy into it. Go with your heart, because at the end of the day happiness and fulfilment need to come first.”

*This subject is now called Media, Film and Television.