Account manager

Studying for a Bachelor of Arts honed Priscilla Southcombe's writing skills and taught her to look at problems from different perspectives.

Priscilla Southcombe

Key facts

Career: Account manager
Programme: Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Subjects: Politics and International Relations

"I currently work as an Account Manager for Panic PR NZ. I also do freelance writing for Multi Media Magazines. I enjoy working with businesses to bring them new clients in new and creative ways. A highlight would have to be when you make a client happy and truly make them believe in PR again.

"While I have always enjoyed writing, studying a BA really honed my writing skills which allowed me to work in a variety of roles. I also learned to look at problems from different perspectives which has helped me immensely in my role.

"I wanted to study subjects that interested me and I genuinely enjoyed. Through studying politics, I learnt very quickly how to think critically about certain issues. This has been the most useful, and has helped me in a variety of roles, not just the one I am in now.

You’ll be surprised how flexible an Arts degree can be and the places it can take you. 

"From working in programmes at Tearfund, to writing editorial content at Castleford Media and now working in PR, each job has given me the right skills to tackle the next challenge and I've enjoyed each one. None of it would be possible if I hadn't chosen to study a BA.

"Pick the courses that you find interesting and you will end up majoring in something you love which makes it more likely you'll end up in a career you’re passionate about."