Event coordinator

Completing a multidisciplinary Master of Arts in Pacific Studies and Film, Media and Television taught Sione Taufa to think outside the square.

Sione Taufa photographed at Mt Smart Stadium, Vodafone Warriors homeground

Key facts

Career: Event coordinator
Programme: Master of Arts
Subjects: Pacific Studies; Media, Film and Television.

"I work as an event coordinator at Auckland Stadiums. I look after the bookings and events at Mount Smart Stadium, QBE Stadium and Western Springs Stadium.

"I’m involved from the beginning to the end of an event. This involves things like taking the initial enquiry, creating and issuing the contract, booking security or medical services, creating and issuing the event plans, on-the-day operations through to processing the invoices post-event. It is my job to ensure that all patrons are safe and have a positive experience when attending events at our venue.

"We have all kinds of events such as field training bookings, school athletics, corporate lounge functions, motorsports, and major concerts and sporting events. One of the highlights of my job has been being involved with a few wedding proposals and witnessing the special moments in these small sized bookings.

"Completing a multidisciplinary degree has helped me to think critically and theoretically. A huge part of my job is being a problem solver, and I often need to think outside the square to address certain issues.

"When I was younger, I was never into reading or researching. A part of that is because I couldn’t speak or read English when I first moved to New Zealand with my family from Tonga at the age of 7. Studying in the Faculty of Arts allowed me to appreciate and enjoy both reading and researching, and these are now vital skills in my current job.

"I studied Arts because there’s a huge variety of subjects and courses that you can pick from. This expanded my knowledge and not only shaped the way I saw myself, but also the way I perceived the world."