Events and activation coordinator

A Master of Arts gave Mikayla Journee the analytical and critical thinking skills to make the Maritime Museum more accessible and relevant to Aucklanders.

Mikayla Journee photographed in front of massive ship's wheel at the Maritime Museum

Key facts

Career: Events and activation coordinator
Programme: Master of Arts
Subjects: Pacific Studies; Media, Film and Television

“I currently work as the Events and Activation Coordinator at the New Zealand Maritime Museum. I’m responsible for the planning and delivery of all of the Museum’s public events and programmes that take place onsite at the Museum, offsite, and on the water.

“I love being able to work with such great content, and the challenges of making our subject-based museum accessible and relevant to Aucklanders.

"I really enjoy working in partnership with other organisations and individuals to develop fun and meaningful experiences around new exhibitions and stories in the collection.

"I also particularly enjoy analysing who our current visitors are, who future visitors could be, what they want from us and how to reach them.

"Working on the waterfront and being able to head out sailing fairly regularly is also a pretty good bonus.

“The most useful skills I gained from studying Arts were analytical and critical thinking skills and written and communication skills.

“Study opened my mind. It forced me to accept how big and complex the world is, and through that I grew to trust in my own capabilities.

“I studied what I loved. I didn’t even have to think about it.

“Study Arts to add fuel to your fire. There are so many different fields you could end up in that you didn’t even know were relevant before you started.”