While studying for a Bachelor of Arts, Kristina Hard developed a passion for drama that she turned into a career as a theatre publicist.

Kristina Hard

Key facts

Career: Publicist
Programme: Bachelor of Arts
Subjects: Geography, Media, Film and Television

“I currently work as a publicist at South Pacific Pictures where I help implement strategies to maximise public awareness of the company’s TV and film productions. I coordinate and assist with cast photo shoots, production stills and organise the publicity materials that get delivered to broadcasters and distributors. I also work closely with media outlets coordinating cast TV appearances, radio interviews, magazine features and print and online newspaper articles.

“Publicising awesome TV shows like Westside, Step Dave, The Brokenwood Mysteries and 800 Words has been a highlight of my job.

“Studying a Bachelor of Arts gave me the freedom to explore a whole lot of topics and the time to decide what I wanted to be. I didn’t originally plan to study Drama but it developed into a passion that I turned into a career as a theatre publicist. The first shows I publicised were for the Stage 2 Productions, a University drama club, and the first network I built was made up of my peers.

“I had a talent and a passion for English, Art History, Classics and other creative subjects at high school and although I didn’t know what I wanted to be, I knew where I wanted to be and that was in the creative industries.

“A Bachelor of Arts is a solid foundation for a career in the creative industries but it’s your extra-curricular activities that will set you apart. I got my degree, held down a part-time job, undertook unpaid internships to gain experience, established friend circles of like-minded people and joined Stage 2 Productions all at the same time.”