Translator and education consultant

Grace Sun completed a Master of Arts in Translation Studies and is now a translator and education consultant with Access NZ Consulting.

Key facts

Career: Translator and education consultant
Programme: Master of Arts
Subject: Translation Studies*

*This programme is no longer available.

"I currently work as a translator and education consultant for an education agency, Access NZ Consulting.

"I take charge of document translation, proofreading and application paperwork.

"I also work as a freelance translator for projects including subtitles for education promotion, tourism brochures for publications. My clients vary from individuals to corporates or sometimes the council.

"Having completed a Master of Arts in Translation Studies, I am equipped with knowledge of translation theories, editing skills, literacy in computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, and the real-world translation experience I gained as a summer intern with Vista Entertainment Solutions.

"The internship opportunity showed the interesting and cool side of localisation. You can now find our translated user interface and user guides for cinema management software and ticket-booking kiosks and apps for renowned cinemas in New Zealand and China.

"There will be many choices if you study Arts. Learn what you love and love what you learn."