Ayden Hammar’s Postgraduate Diploma in Translation Studies expanded his skill set and prepared him for a career in freelance translation.

Key facts

Career: Freelance Japanese-English Translator
Programme: Postgraduate Diploma
Subject: Translation Studies

"I currently work as a freelance translator alongside my aviation career.

"The Covid-19 pandemic greatly impacted my life when I was put on furlough due to the border closure in 2020. I had spent four years flying around remote parts of Indonesia, communicating primarily in Bahasa Indonesia. Before that, I was a public servant in rural Japan as part of the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme.

"Covid-19 prompted me to consider how I could effectively use my time away from aviation. So I decided to enrol in the Postgraduate Diploma in Translation Studies at the University of Auckland.
The Translation Studies department is an enriching place to learn. The course strikes a helpful balance between practical and theory-based learning. Incredible lecturers (each with an impressive resume) equip students with the ability to justify their translation choices while sharing valuable knowledge about industry standards.

"The Postgraduate Diploma equipped me with a broad skillset alongside practical experience, which enabled me to use the linguistic and cultural understanding I had built while abroad. My postgraduate studies also helped me expand my knowledge of translation strategies and solutions, empowering me to make assertive translation decisions across varied genres.

"Along with the NZSTI accreditation, which graduates qualify for, the course set me up nicely for the freelance translation work I'm now doing alongside my aviation role."