Study options

Learn through, in and about dance in our range of taught and research programmes.

Group of students dancing

Undergraduate programmes

Bachelor of Dance Studies
The Bachelor of Dance Studies is a comprehensive interdisciplinary programme designed to build confidence, critical thinking and conceptual capabilities.  

Postgraduate programmes

Bachelor of Dance Studies (Honours)
Grow your understanding of how and why research in Dance Studies is personally important and leads to exciting careers and discoveries.

Postgraduate Diploma in Dance Studies
An introduction to postgraduate study in dance, helping you establish your research skills and professional portfolio.

Master of Dance Studies
Critically examine your personal interests in dance and the arts as part of our leading postgraduate dance research programme.

Master of Community Dance
Investigate and experience the transformational role of dance in diverse community contexts in this specialised research programme.

Master of Dance Movement Therapy
Critically examine the relationship between dance and therapy as part of this internationally recognized professional accreditation.

Dance Studies also has a partnership with Beijing Dance Academy, China, offering a dual Masters in Community Dance and Dance Education programme.
For more information, visit:
Dual Masters with Beijing Dance Academy page.

Doctoral study

The Dance Studies Programme offers an advanced research qualification in the form of a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Please visit our Doctoral study in the Dance Studies Programme page to learn more about the types of study and available supervisors.