Welcome from the Dean

Read a message from our Dean, Professor Nuala Gregory.

Portrait of Professor Nuala Gregory

People like to talk about the things they love: the things that fascinate, puzzle, and endlessly challenge them. They are driven to think more deeply, articulate more clearly, to devise outcomes that no one had imagined.

Here, at the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries, we teach, research and experiment in the studio. We ask questions of the community, and debate in the lecture theatre and conference environment. We present our findings to the world and await a response. Our students surprise and challenge us. We stand back and listen, and we talk with them. We know they are the future, so we set out our strategies and involve them in the things we love.

Those things are Dance and Music, Architecture and Planning, Fine Arts and Design. We provide our students with a firm grounding in those disciplines. We pose the latest problems and demonstrate the latest attempts at solutions. We encourage them to pursue their ideas and interests, to produce artworks and performances, to master new technologies and design new solutions, to construct imagined environments and to address intractable problems. And every year, we are surprised and delighted. We take what we have learned and add it to our stock of knowledge and expertise. And we press on, building our community of enquiry and experiment, helping students to create new forms of personal expression or devise new ways of acting and thinking and being in the world.

We welcome you to join us. Help us create an as-yet unimagined future in which we all contribute to the best of our ability.

Professor Nuala Gregory
Dean, Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries
Waipapa Taumata Rau University of Auckland