International Student Support Fund

This provides short-term, immediate support to international students experiencing financial pressure.

We understand that during your studies the unexpected can happen, and this may lead to financial struggle. This fund aims to provide immediate relief to students experiencing financial pressure by ensuring you have access to essentials, such as groceries, to help temporarily lower the number of stressors and support your overall wellbeing. 

How to access the fund

This fund is available to international students actively enrolled in a Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries degree. 

You will need to contact our Student Support Advisor, Tera Hanson, to discuss your situation and look at support options that could be available to you. This might include helping you access broader University financial support services, for example student emergency funds, scholarships, and health and counselling. 

Get in touch with Tera via email:

Headshot of Tera
Tera Hanson, Student Support Advisor