Music Tuākana

Information about Tuākana support available to Music students at the University of Auckland.

Tuākana mentors

Nathan Hauraki (Composition, Musicology & Classical Performance)

"Kia ora and hello!

"My name is Nathan Hauraki. I am a Māori student currently in my third year studying towards a Bachelor of Music majoring in Classical Voice Performance, and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in German and Italian. My career aspirations involve completing an Honours degree in Classical Voice Performance, and then further training overseas, leading to a professional career as an Opera Singer.

"Being a Music student at the University of Auckland is a unique experience. We are taught by internationally renowned teachers and have the benefit of studying something we are passionate about. However, we are still challenged by the realities of being a university student. The assignments, tests (especially the aural tests) and readings can sometimes be overwhelming, but it is helpful to know that support is available through the Tuākana programme.

"The Tuākana programme is a brilliant and important resource available to you throughout your entire university journey. It is a place that offers a safe environment for students to gain extra help or feedback on their work and to learn how things run at university. The programme seeks to encourage a strong, cultural learning community within respective faculties and to provide a learning space that is welcoming and warm.

"So welcome, haere mai and please don’t be afraid to seek us out. If I have learnt one thing at the University of Auckland, it’s that the Tuākana programme has been such a big help for me and many Māori and Pasifika students and you will benefit from it immensely.
I look forward to working alongside you and helping you succeed in your studies this year."

Contact Nathan.

Pearl Hindley (Composition, Musicology & Classical Performance)

"Kia orana/Hello! I am half European and half Cook Island Māori and have lived in Auckland my entire life.

"I am currently studying full-time at the University of Auckland and am in my third year of a Bachelor of Music (Musicology) and Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) conjoint degree. My passion for musicology comes from a love of many different types of music, but I also have an appreciation of the pressure faced by performance students, as Classical Performance was my initial music major.

"I was first introduced to the Tuākana programme at the beginning of 2015 and found the programme to be extremely helpful, not only with getting on top of course content, but also with being able to have a place to feel secure and supported within the University. It can be difficult and overwhelming at times to find the right kind of assistance when you're one of the many, many students.

"As a Music student, you may find that there seems to be a constant requirement to produce assignments, prepare for tests and even be involved in a variety of performances. The workload can seem daunting, but it's helpful to know that support is available through the Tuākana programme. Indeed, Tuākana offers a place where you can get in touch with more Māori and Pacific students, and it also provides an opportunity to learn academic skills.

"The Tuākana mentors I had were very approachable and always willing to find time when I needed help with assignments. I look forward to being able to provide the same support to students in the same position.

"Please get in touch and I look forward to meeting you soon!"


Mitch Treleaven (Popular Music & Jazz Performance)

"Kia ora! I'm a New Zealander born and bred, having lived in Auckland for the last 18 years of my life. I am in my third year of my BMus majoring in Popular Music, and I couldn't be happier with the opportunities being a part of the Tuākana community brings.

"Music has always been a part of my life and after high school it became more than just a hobby for me. I've discovered a drive that I never knew I had, and it's most definitely helped being around the other musicians from the Jazz and Popular Music majors.

"Over the last year I've met a lot of people with not only similar aspirations, but the same passion and drive as myself, and I've found it very fulfilling to work alongside such awesome people. We have the good fortune to not only have a lot of talented people to work with, but the best of support networks as well. You're always guaranteed to find several people who are just as keen to work with you as you are with them, and I've found it brings out the best of your potential.

"Looking forward to meeting everybody! Catch you soon."

Tuākana Room

The Music Tuākana Room is Room 513 of the Fisher Building and is available for Māori and Pacific Island Music students to use for study and relaxation.

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Tuākana workshops

  • Tuākana workshops are designed for Māori and Pacific students at the School of Music and are held by the tuākana (mentors) for Music.
  • Our mentors are high-achieving Māori and/or Pacific students who have taken your courses, know how to get good grades and are dedicated to helping you achieve. Not only are they clever, but they are also friendly and supportive – they are easy to approach and happy to advise you about your courses.
  • Tuākana workshops are run in addition to the compulsory tutorials and lectures that you enrol in. If you are a Māori or Pacific student taking a course for which workshops are run, you are strongly encouraged to attend your compulsory tutorials and lectures as well as your Tuākana workshops.

Semester One

Workshops for Subject Tutor(s)
MUS 100 Basic Musical Techniques Nathan & Pearl
MUS 101 Materials of Music 1 Nathan & Pearl
MUS 110 Composition/Sonic Arts Foundation 1 Nathan & Pearl
MUS 120 Performance 1 Nathan & Pearl
MUS 140 Writing About Music Nathan & Pearl
MUS 160 Foundations of Music Education Nathan & Pearl
MUS 170 Jazz Performance 1 Mitch
MUS 172 Jazz Ensembles 1 Mitch
MUS 174 Jazz Theory 1 Mitch
MUS 180 Creative Practice in Popular Music 1 Mitch
MUS 182 Popular Music Performance Skills 1 Mitch
MUS 184 Popular Music Theory and Aural 1 Mitch

Semester Two

Workshops for Subject Tutor(s)
MUS 102 Materials of Music 2   Nathan & Pearl
MUS 111 Composition/Sonic Arts Foundation 2 Nathan & Pearl
MUS 121 Performance 2 Nathan & Pearl
MUS 171 Jazz Performance 2   Mitch
MUS 173 Jazz Ensembles 2 Mitch
MUS 175 Jazz Theory 2   Mitch
MUS 176 Jazz History   Mitch
MUS 181 Creative Practice in Popular Music 2 Mitch
MUS 183 Popular Music Performance Skills 2   Mitch
MUS 185 Popular Music Theory and Aural 2 Mitch

Join our Facebook group

If you’re a Māori or Pacific student at any level in Music, please join our Facebook group. This is a positive and supportive community where teina (students) can share information, ask and answer questions and build friendships. Nathan, Pearl and Mitch are active members and use the group to post reminders, supplement Tuākana workshops and respond to students’ questions.