Grace Leong

Grace enjoys the friendly community within the Dance Studies Programme, and has formed great connections with people who share the same passion for dance.

A still of Grace looking at her reflection in the mirror while she dances

“I’ve been a dancer since I was little. I love moving, but I wanted to see just how wide dance studies could be outside of that. I hope this qualification can take me to postgraduate study, perhaps somewhere like China or South Korea.

“Dance Studies is so open and friendly. If I ever have any queries or just want to make sure of something, there are people I feel comfortable talking to. I’ve found people who have done postgraduate studies in areas that interest me. It’s been so easy to talk with them to help plan my future. Everyone here wants to see you succeed.  

You grow such great connections with people who have the same passion for dance – for what it can be and what it can do. I genuinely have made another family who are all pushing each other up together.

Grace Leong

“I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone so many times, which is important for someone like me who might settle with ‘comfortable’. I’ve become more confident in myself and my abilities.

“I really enjoyed a course called Dance History and Contexts because it was such an interesting exploration of both practical and theoretical work. It’s like that with a lot of the courses.

“But it’s not all about study. I love all the clubs there are! I found the KPop Planet club, which is perfect for me! I’ve made so many new friends through the club. There’s so much extracurricular support like gym facilities, counselling and cheap physiotherapy (especially important for me).”