Kendall Jones

Kendall Jones loves the self-directed nature of postgraduate research and has recently begun her PhD in Dance Studies.

Kendall Jones
Kendall Jones

“As my undergraduate study progressed, I discovered my passion for writing and realised how much I love researching. During my bachelor’s degree, I toured Singapore, spoke at a conference in China and also went on exchange to UCLA.

“These international experiences helped develop my interest in ethnographic research. I was a summer research scholar and travelled to Greece to see how the economic and political turmoil there was influencing dance.

“This field work informed my honours dissertation, where I looked at strategies dancers were implementing through the crisis and why they were still dancing.

“I really enjoyed the self-directed aspect of postgraduate research. My supervisor has similar interests as me, so she was able to support and guide me, while encouraging me to discover my own focus and create a unique path.

“I knew when I came into the Dance Studies programme, I’d be left with a lot of options and be capable of doing a variety of things.

“At the moment I’m heading towards academia and continuing to research, but I never thought I’d be doing my PhD, so I’m very open minded to any opportunity which may come my way.

“I feel both my undergraduate and postgraduate study has equipped me to be successful and satisfied in my chosen career.”