Nazia Ahmed

Master of Design student Nazia Ahmed has a background in Public Health and looked to design as a way to improve patient care.

“I fell into the design world by accident. I have a background in Public Health, and was introduced to design concepts as a way to improve patient care. Good design practice should be supported by a strong understanding of theory. I was looking for a way to build this understanding; the Master of Design seemed like the perfect opportunity.

“During my study, I’ve developed a strategy for Johnson and Johnson in the context of New Zealand’s health system reform, I’ve designed the UI for a mobile game about recycling, and I’ve designed a research project about mobile contact tracing. I’m currently working with Xero to gain an understanding of people’s feelings about their personal wealth, and will develop a prototype UI for a tool to help them manage this.

Headshot of Nazia Ahmed

Using design concepts to challenge the status quo allows for some truly innovative solutions. 

Nazia Ahmed

"I love that design forces people to challenge assumptions we take for granted and develop long term solutions. I’d love to do more projects related to user experience research, backed with a strong focus on research and understanding who I’m designing for.

“The Design Programme is full of inspirational people who have so much wisdom to share, and the support through this journey has been absolutely wonderful.”