Georgia Arnold

The Master of Fine Arts helped Georgia Arnold develop herself and her art practice.

Georgia Arnold organising her exhibition ‘Dizziness & Drawing Breath’ for the Elam Artists Graduate Show.
Georgia Arnold

"I loved my years at Elam. After completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts and working as an artist and Gallery Coordinator for a few years, I decided to return to Elam to study for a Master of Fine Arts. The full-time focus was a great way to kick-start my practice again. The masters gave me the time, support, and resources to concentrate on my research project.”

“I found that the master’s degree brought challenges that aided the development of my practice and myself as a person. I had to learn to overcome the constant hurdles of overthinking and perfectionism that can get in the way of research or producing work. I don’t think these hurdles ever go away; rather, it’s about learning new tools and practising problem-solving to navigate your way through – despite the obstacles.” 

Close up of small crafted sculptures on platformed stand.
Detailed view of an element of Georgia Arnold’s exhibition ‘Dizziness & Drawing Breath’ for the Elam Artists Graduate Show.

"The MFA is quite self-led. You do your own research in the library, studio, or workshops and then check in with your supervisor weekly. Elam has a great guest lecture series, which is optional, but I recommend attending as many as you can! The speakers highlight the range of pathways a Fine Arts degree can take you, from working as a practising artist to a director or a curator. Postgraduate students also have the opportunity to sign up for critiques from artists and gallerists. I found these intensive day sessions to be extremely valuable.”

Georgia placing a small sculpture on a display stand for her exhibition, with her paintings in the background.

"I want a future where I can keep making, whether I'm drawing, painting, jewellery-making, sculpting, illustrating, or working with clay (ideally a mix of all).  I would also like to continue working with the community to encourage artmaking and allow art to be more accessible to engage with. I would love to do more residencies and shows around Aotearoa and overseas."

Georgia received the Joe Raynes Scholarship for Drawing, Painting and Design during her MFA, which enabled her to be more ambitious with her final installation.