Meet our mentors

Find out about what motivates First Year Experience mentors to volunteer and how they see their role.


“The passion that has been embedded in me from the get-go is shown through this quote “I le ala, I le pule o le tautua” in order to lead you must serve the community.

The highlight of being a mentor was working alongside such amazing and talented mentors who have various experiences which make them unique in every way possible. It’s honestly a rewarding job because you get to be a part of other people’s journeys too!

Being a mentor has helped me not only to hold myself accountable for staying on top of my game with studies, but also with balancing out my need to help other students through their uni journey. Studying can be hard but the key point to remember is that you’re not alone.”

“This is my second year of being a First Year Experience mentor here at the University of Auckland, and I’ve loved every minute. It’s so enlightening to know that you are there to help students from their first day, up until their last day as a first year student.

“The students in my group helped me realise how beneficial it is to have someone doing your degree, who can help you out when it comes to contacting staff, and getting the low down on what to do on campus, whether that be events coming up, or the best places to study!”