Meet our mentors

Find out about what motivates current First Year Experience mentors to volunteer and how they see their role.


“I’m studying for a Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education degree, majoring in Health Promotion.

“The First Year Experience mentor programme is designed to make students’ transition into University smoother and less scary.

“As part of this role, we communicate with our group of mentees on a regular basis, sharing information about upcoming events, important information and services that are available to them.

“I find this role particularly important because, as I moved to Auckland to study, I know how much of a difference it can make to have someone telling you the ins and outs of life on campus, with services and events especially important!

“Along with that, it is so nice getting to know the first year students because it meant that us second years can get to know some of the first years, and vice-versa!”


“This is my second year of being a First Year Experience mentor here at the University of Auckland, and I’ve loved every minute. It’s so enlightening to know that you are there to help students from their first day, up until their last day as a first year student.

“The students in my group helped me realise how beneficial it is to have someone doing your degree, who can help you out when it comes to contacting staff, and getting the low down on what to do on campus, whether that be events coming up, or the best places to study!”


“I am a student in the Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary specialisation programme. Starting University was full of new and challenging experiences from writing my first ever essay to navigating and trying to balance University, work and friends.

“While the University has many support services, they can often go unnoticed. Having a First Year Experience mentor means having someone that’s already been through the hoops and is willing to share their tips and tricks for succeeding at uni and can direct you to the right resources or people if you are not quite sure how or what to do.

“As a first year mentor, I let you know about any important events coming up, like a really useful workshop to help you with that assignment you’re stuck on. I make sure you haven’t forgotten about things you need to do before the semester finishes and sweet events on campus. I can also just be a listening ear if needed.”