News and updates

Watch the recording of the online launch of the Centre below. 

Recent Engagements 

Gül İnanç, CAPRS Co-Director presented at the following:

  • Migration Sumit 11 April (online presenting) 
  • World Higher Education Conference 2022: In May 2022, CAPRS Co-Director Gul Inanc moderated a panel entitled "Inclusion of Refugees in National Higher Education Systems: A Comparative Approach". The panel provided an overview of efforts led by various stakeholders in different country settings (Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, UK, and USA) to offer inclusive access to higher education and a platform for sharing future projections for national, international responses and collaboration models.
  • CAPRS hosted the panel on "Connected Learning in Crisis" at the Times Higher Education (THE) Digital Universities Week, MIT Boston (11 May 2022)
  • UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022 17-20 May, Barcelona (in-person presenting)
UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022
UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022
  • CAPRS in collaboration with Empower-OUR-UNHCR-University of Kurdistan Hewler hosted sixth 3C Forum in Erbil (25 May 2022)
3C Forum in Erbil 2022
3C Forum in Erbil 2022


In January 2023, CAPRS in partnership with the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and the Asia Displacement Solutions Platform (ADSP), published an Advocacy Toolkit for Diaspora Organisations. This toolkit was borne out of the 2021 Professionsal Development Short Course on Advocacy for the Afghan Diaspora in Europe that was co-organised by CAPRS, DRC and ADSP.

The toolkit recognises the unique role of diaspora communities, organisations, and individuals as vocal and influential advocates for social, economic, and political change in their country of origin, residence and in the international sphere. This toolkit provides practical guidance for diaspora organisations in their advocacy work.