Past seminars and symposia

Te Whakatere researchers have presented seminars at The University of Auckland. They have also delivered papers and participated in symposia at conferences within New Zealand and internationally.




Te Whakatere seminar: Navigating Social Currents (24 February, 2014)

  • Zhang, C. Encounters with understandings of citizen identity: Chinese students studying abroad.
  • Selvaraj, J. Inclusive education in New Zealand: ongoing uncertainties.
  • Kingsbury, L. Creating the Anzac legend in the New Zealand School Journal, 1915-1930.
  • Yates, S. ‘River of emotions’: Building a sense of community through a collaborative artwork.
  • Hu, C. Children’s experiences of school closure in the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes.
  • Cobb, D. Navigating the changing tide: Sailing the Commonwealth of Learning through the cross current of globalisation.
  • Mutch, C. Disasters and social capital: Why poorest communities are hardest hit.
  • Siteine, A. & Samu, T. Navigating curriculum change in the Republic of Nauru.
  • Marlowe, J. Refugee background community responses to the Canterbury earthquakes.

Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) presentation: Siteine, A., & Samu, T. (3 December, 2014) Outsiders, insiders and decisions about knowledge: Curriculum development, implementation and change in Nauru


  • Te Whakatere seminar: Mutch, C. (24 October, 2013). Engaging children in disaster-related research: A conceptual framework. Presentation to Te Whakatere Research Seminar, Insights and possibilities: Learning from disaster contexts.


  • Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Symposium: Mutch, C., Allen, L., Locke, K., Tesar, M. (December 3, 2012). Competing conceptualisations of citizenship. Invited symposium to represent NZARE at AARE/APERA Conference, Sydney, Australia.