Geraldine Victor - Dean and Assistant Head of Science

The Master of Educational Leadership has widened my resource base and enabled me to implement strategies to improve my students’ outcomes in my class as teacher and school leader.

Geraldine Victor- Master of Education Practice graduate

Key facts

Career: Dean and Assistant Head of Science
Programme: Master of Educational Leadership - TeachNZ Study Award and University of Auckland Learning, Development and Professional Practice
Masters Scholarship recipient
Campus: Epsom

“I started postgraduate study slowly, part-time, one course per semester, while working full-time at our school. I found the workload manageable and so, after completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership, I was ready and raring to pursue my masters, again part-time.

“The courses appealed to me as a middle manager. They were areas that I had strength in, but also wanted to sharpen. ‘Educational leadership in an electronic age’ was so intriguing, given the direction that my school was going in with BYOD, I just had to do that course although I hadn’t done an online course before.

“I gained so much knowledge and honed my research, processing and writing skills. This has also had a direct impact on my teaching by enabling me to teach my students research skills and give them better feedback on their writing.

“Completing my masters has certainly boosted my self-confidence in my personal skills as well as in my professional life. I understand my pedagogy better and am able to clearly justify my decisions based on sound empirical evidence and research.”