Julie Brien - Assistant HOD

The Master of Education gave Julie Brien a deeper understanding of education practice, a desire to start a PhD and a promotion at work.

Julie Brien- Master of Education graduate

“Education doesn’t stand still; it’s constantly evolving to meet the needs of incoming students. I studied the Master of Education because I wanted to continue developing my practice and adapting to support student success, both academically and personally.

“I chose the University of Auckland for its great facilities and innovative supervisors. I think research should be a process of thinking big, imagining the impossible and developing projects around these ideas. The genuine interest of my supervisors and the innovative culture at the University of Auckland is what allows this valuable work to happen.

“Meeting likeminded people and developing my knowledge has been an empowering experience. I hadn’t studied in a few years but the Faculty of Education and Social Work’s strong support systems, relevant course content and flexible delivery options made the transition to study easy.

“The research component of the programme allowed me to delve into an aspect of teaching that I’m particularly interested in: understanding how Pakeha teachers can create and sustain relationships in the secondary classroom.

“Doing the programme demonstrated my desire to improve practice and pedagogy for educators, which has directly led to a promotion to Assistant Head of Department at my school. It’s also ignited an interest in research for me and I have now started my PhD studies.

“The Master of Education is perfect for anyone who wants to further their understanding of practice and pedagogy. I recommend that others choose a pathway that supports further study – immerse yourself in it, be open to possibilities and believe in yourself.”