Serene Hodgman – Primary School Teacher

A love of children and inspiration from her Nana inspired Serene to take her Arts degree into a Master of Teaching.

Serene Hodgman
Serene Hodgman

 “I come from a big Samoan family. My Nana also studied teaching at the Epsom Campus and was an early childhood educator. I want to support children who come from different cultures but who are just discovering who they are and that it’s okay to be different.

“Before starting the Master of Teaching (Primary) I had just completed my double degree in Fine Arts and Arts majoring in English and Pacific Studies at the University of Auckland. I was still pursuing my art practice but also finding my feet in terms of what else I wanted to do with my life. I knew in my heart teaching was what I wanted to do, so why not!

“I chose this pathway for the challenge. The programme description clearly outlined that it would be intense in terms of the course load and practical teaching experience all wrapped up in a year.

“The year was fun and challenging – confirmation that I was in the right place and teaching was for me. I loved my cohort - all were from different walks of life and had studied different undergraduate degrees but the desire amongst everyone to teach was powerful. They made the ‘intense workload’ seem bearable because the experience was shared. The lecturers and support services staff were amazing – very grounded, approachable and encouraging.

“I am now a new entrants/year 1 teacher at Blockhouse Bay Primary School. The skills I learnt during my masters are still being improved and developed today.

“I find being in the company of children so inspiring – their creativity and imagination is limitless and always bubbling.”