Kuljit Ghuman – Mathematics teacher

The Graduate Diploma in TESSOL has made Kuljit more aware of her diverse learners’ needs and helped her to increase their confidence in the classroom.

Kuljit Ghuman - Graduate Diploma in TESSOL

“I became a mathematics teacher because, although I’ve never been a mathematics whiz, I enjoy it and never give up until I understand something. I want to share those experiences with kids who struggle with mathematics and help them to improve their skills too.“I love working with young people; I really enjoy their sense of humour and getting their perspectives on things. Teaching can be challenging but it’s so rewarding. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

“In my classroom, I have students from all around the world. Postgraduate study at the Faculty of Education and Social Work has made me more aware of my diverse learners’ needs and helped me to increase their confidence in the classroom.”

Kuljit Ghuman

“We’ve learnt a lot about language acquisition theories and the language needs of different students. I really try to focus on vocabulary in the classroom, as I’m aware that some kids won’t know some of the words we use. Even in the mathematics classroom, this is important because many assessments are literacy-based.

“The Ministry of Education scholarships helped to fund part of my study. I’ve enjoyed studying alongside teachers from different levels and backgrounds within the programme.

“I balance my studies with full-time work, as well as family life – I have a very supportive family. It’s great to show my daughters that, no matter what your age is, it’s important to keep studying and educating yourself.”

In 2021, the Graduate Diploma in TESSOL was replaced with the Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Linguistically Diverse Learners programmes.