Bailey Harrison - Primary Teacher

From a developmental psychology background Bailey moved to a teaching career because of her love of working with children.

Bailey Harrison - Graduate Diploma in Teaching Primary graduate

Key facts

Career: Primary Teacher at Ellerslie School
Programme: Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary)
Campus: Epsom

“I love teaching because I love to be able to be involved in students’ learning and see them grow. I have a love of learning myself so I love being able to pass that on to the future generation. I love to be involved in students’ journeys.

"I chose the Grad Dip because I did my undergraduate through the University of Auckland. I started out doing developmental psychology then realised because of my love of working with children I’d be best off pursuing a career in teaching.

It’s really important that I got a chance to practise skills through extensive practicums.

"The Graduate Diploma provide me with the balance of practical work and the theory of practice. It’s really important to me that I got a chance to practise skills through extensive practicums. That balance of theory and practice was important in preparing me for the classroom.

"I also like the way it scaffolded my learning. It accelerated my learning in the best way and I thrived in that space.

"There are many ways I feel fulfilled each and every day as a teacher when first year school children share their successes with me. Being able to share milestones with kids. I’ve just had a student who struggled to held his pen. He’s now just written his own first story independently with pen and paper. I shine with pride knowing I’ve made a difference and been able to help build his confidence.”