Emma Watson - Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary)

The Kupe Leadership Scholarship is allowing Emma to work with other passionate scholars, listen to experienced leaders, and develop skills that will help her to create positive changes in the community.

“Sport has always been my passion, which led me to coaching during high school. I love seeing young people’s improvements and the smiles on their faces when they finally understand or achieve something.

“That’s why I decided to become a health and PE teacher. Teachers can have a huge impact on children’s lives, passing on knowledge, providing a safe learning environment where students can be themselves and find their identities, and supporting them through a time in their lives that can be challenging for many young people.

I want all students to have equal and equitable opportunities and in order to achieve this goal, I believe a change in the way we approach teaching is necessary. 

Emma Watson Kupe Leadership Scholar

"Learning needs to be personalised and catered to each individual learner. If we are to truly embrace diversity in the classroom, then this change is called for now more than ever.

“Through the Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary), I’ve particularly enjoyed learning about te ao Māori. Our classrooms are rich with diversity in terms of identity, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender and I feel it is important that our learning environments and pedagogical approaches are inclusive and culturally responsive to accommodate a variety of learners. I am really looking forward to applying this in my practical experiences in the coming weeks.

“The Kupe Leadership Scholarship has given me the opportunity to work with other passionate scholars, listen to experienced leaders and develop skills that will help me to create positive changes in the community.

“My mentor within the programme has been my rock – she’s encouraged me to come out of my shell, be courageous and stand up for what I believe in. She’s a huge role model and has helped to build the foundation of who I am as a leader, encouraging me to stay kind and empathetic, while staying strong.”

The Kupe Leadership Scholarship offers a personal mentor connected to your area of interest, and a stipend of up to $22,000 (or a $10,000 stipend plus on-campus studio accommodation).