Matheus Elling - Social Studies and Sociology teacher

Matheus says the Graduate Diploma in Teaching was the best learning experience he’s ever had, with a great balance of theory and practical experiences.

“After studying law in Brazil, and then Arts at the University of Auckland, I decided to study to become a teacher. Choosing the Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) was an obvious decision - having studied at the University of Auckland before, I knew I would receive high-quality teaching and all the necessary support from my lecturers. As a student who was not born in New Zealand, this encouragement was crucial to make the university environment a place where I felt safe, and where I could make mistakes and learn from them.

“I can easily say that the Graduate Diploma in Teaching was the best learning experience I have had in my life. The whole programme was carefully designed to encompass the most diverse areas of education and teaching as well as preparing you to face the realities of the career.

The best part was the balance between theory and practice. The learning theories alongside practical experiences created a dynamic and engaging programme.

Matheus Elling Graduate Diploma in Teaching

“After graduating, I got a job as a Social Studies and Sociology teacher at Howick College. The possibility of growing each student holistically - not only academically, but also socially and culturally - is what makes me love social sciences. Looking at issues such as poverty, gender inequality, global warming, among others, helps us to remind ourselves of our place in society and the world, contributing to the development of the next generation of citizens and leaders. Being part of all this is thrilling. I am also delighted to be part of a school with values that resonate with mine, encouraging innovation, creativity and critical thinking.

“Working in a school environment is great because its vibrant and energetic vibe has the power to uplift your spirit in a matter of seconds. It is not only a place where students are acquiring subject knowledge, but also where they are learning how to be well-rounded citizens and good human beings. To be in an environment like this is absolutely fulfilling.

“As a teacher, you will be challenged every day, and you will have to learn how to reinvent yourself from time to time. As a teacher, you will learn from your students as much as you will teach them. Although life initially took me to other paths, I always knew I should become a teacher, and I believe this is true for most teachers, after all, teaching is not a career; it is a vocation.”