Hae Yeon (Angela) Seol - BA Education

The Bachelor of Arts Education major was a great option for Hae Yeon who wanted an insight into how people learned as part of her wider interest in psychology.

“The opportunities that I have had through studying Education as part of an arts degree have been amazing. I’ve been studying at UC Berkeley in the USA for the last two semesters. It has been brilliant to be able to share a little bit about New Zealand and learn with my peers in the States.

“I decided to double major in Psychology and Education because I was interested in developmental and clinical psychology, and thought an Education major would help in gaining more insight into how people learned, and the different ways in which teaching could be implemented.

“There is a balance of practical and theoretical courses. It shows that education is not only about practical teaching, giving the students the choice of where they want to go with their education major. The courses also complement my psychology major."

I’ve met some of the best professors who are passionate about their field. I wouldn’t have had as much success as I’ve had without their help and support

Hae Yeon (Angela) Seol Bachelor of Arts, Education major, student

"I enjoyed the interactivity – with teachers and peers – it made the classes more engaging. I learn best when I can approach the lecturer comfortably and feel that they care and are also invested in my learning.

“The qualification is just a formal recognition of what I can do which includes being able to think critically about issues, speak to groups of people and write up reports. Most importantly, I have confidence in myself, not just in my abilities, but also in who I am as a person and the values I uphold.

“I’d like to think that I matured throughout my education at the University of Auckland. I am considering postgraduate studies in psychology, either in the clinical or the behavioural programme.”