For undergraduates

If you are interested in education, but not necessarily teaching, you can study Education as a major or elective subject within a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Education

The Bachelor of Arts is a three-year programme of full-time study (or six years part-time) within the Faculty of Arts. It is taught at the City Campus.

Your Education major will familiarise you with an essential part of modern society. You’ll gain transferable people and management skills, and will be able to combine your Education studies with a wide range of other subjects and qualifications.

Programme highlights

  • Choose from a broad range of courses focusing on multiple areas of education, such as:
    • Gender and education
    • Māori and Pacific education
    • Child and adolescent development
    • Sociology, philosophy, politics and psychology of education
  • Learn from lecturers who are specialists in their field
  • Use course material informed by the latest education research
  • Complete part of your BA overseas at one of more than 90 universities in 25 different countries
  • Access a wide variety of career opportunities after graduation

Education as a major

To major in Education, you’ll need to select at least two Stage I Education courses in your first year, followed by at least two Stage II Education courses in your second year.

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Education as an elective

You can choose to study Education courses as part of your General Education schedule, or as part of your 30-point elective allowance. View our available General Education options

We also offer a youth mentoring elective for students passionate about social change, helping the next generation and building leadership skills. Learn about our youth mentoring elective.


Our Education graduates gain a wide range of transferable skills, equipping them for roles in sectors such as management, human resources and communication. Find out more at our Education careers page.

Further study

As a BA Education graduate, you can further develop your Education expertise by pursuing Education in the Liberal Arts at the postgraduate level. See what options are available.