Sports clubs and student life

Find out all the ways you can make the most out of student life. We have a range of student associations, services and clubs with something for everyone.

University life is better with friends – and there’s no shortage of opportunities to make new ones! Whether you’re starting your new degree with friends on the same course or if you’re flying totally solo, there are plenty of opportunities to meet likeminded people at the University of Auckland.

The Faculty of Education and Social Work offers a wide range of events throughout the year. There’s something for everyone so you can get involved in whatever interests you. See our range of Faculty events here.

For those mad on sport, join the EDSW Doggies and take on other faculties at our inter-faculty sports competitions! It’s a great chance to get active, meet new people and show off your skills in the sporting arena. After something a bit more specific? Check out our wide range of University sport clubs.

If your interests range beyond sport, you’ll find endless other club options including academic, religious, spiritual and cultural, along with clubs for specific causes and interests. If you still can’t find a club that piques your interest, why not create your own?

No matter what your interests, if you’re in it to win or simply there for the socializing, we’re confident one of our 200+ clubs, societies and associations will be ready to welcome you.

Find out how to start a club, join a club or browse clubs and societies.