LLB Part I Application and Enrolment Guide

Find out all you need to know about application and enrolment for LLB Part I.

We strongly recommend that you read this application and enrolment guide before applying for the first year of the LLB. Classes fill up quickly so it’s best to submit your application and complete your enrolment for both semesters as soon as possible.

  • Download a prospectus if you don't already have a copy
  • Discuss this prospectus with family, friends, careers advisers, teachers, current Law students and practising lawyers

For more information on any specific programme or area of study featured in our prospectus, visit our Help and advice page.

This guide is intended for applicants who have not previously completed tertiary study. If you are a graduate applying for Part I click here.

Before you apply you will need:

  • Your up-to-date active personal email address
  • Information on your prior study, including appropriate qualification codes or identification numbers. For example:
  • National Student Number or NSN (for NCEA students)
  • Candidate Code and Centre ID Code (for CIE students in NZ)
  • Personal Code (for IB students in NZ)

Follow the standard step-by-step application guide:

You can follow the standard application steps here. Further information on steps 2 and 6 specific to applying for Law can be found below.

Step 1. Apply for admission

If you have no prior tertiary study you must apply for a conjoint LLB programme or LLB Part 1 and one other bachelors degree programme to satisfy the Law Part I requirement for five non-Law courses. If a second degree programme is not applied for, your LLB application cannot be processed.

Complete the Application to Study form

  1. Complete sections one and two with your personal information.
  2. In section three under ‘Select programme type’ choose ‘Bachelors’.
  3. Then select ‘Bachelor of Laws’ as your option under ‘Programme’.
  4. For ‘Major/Specialisation’ select Law Part I.
  5. Complete the rest of the required information.

Note: Law is only available to study at the University of Auckland City Campus.

You will need to complete a separate Application to Study form for your other bachelors degree.
If you’re applying for a conjoint programme you should make a conjoint Application to Study in addition to your individual applications for the LLB and your other degree (when making this application choose the relevant conjoint option under ‘Programme’ in section three of the Apply to Study form).

Step 2. Enrol in your courses

If your application is successful, we’ll email you an offer of place. For Semester One applications, this normally happens from mid-January.

You may receive a conditional offer but final approval will be dependent on fulfilment of the conditions of admission to BOTH the University and the programme.

Log onto Student Services Online (SSO) and enrol in Semester One and Semester Two separately using Timetable Planner.

How to use Timetable Planner

  1. Sign into Student Services Online, and accept you offer
  2. Click on the enrol icon
  3. Click on Add classes with, then click on Timetable Planner
  4. Select the Semester you want.
  5. Click on the green Timetable Planner button
  6. Click Add Course - You can enrol using By Subject
  7. Choose your Subject and Course using the drop down menus

Disclaimer: The University of Auckland may not be able to accommodate a student's personal commitments when developing potential clash-free timetables.

For any enquiries regarding your enrolment, please visit the Student Hubs.

Information on this page is subject to change each year.

Step 3. Enrol to Bridge to Law School

Bridge to Law School is an all-encompassing program tailored for school leavers who are starting university. Our goal is to set you up for success in your first year of law studies and equip you with the tools to excel in both university life and Law School. This programme is your ultimate support system, offering guidance and resources to make your transition into the legal education world seamless.

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