The study of Education is essential to informing and understanding life in a modern society. Depending on your interest you can study education issues, development, social/historic/philosophic aspects, policy and curriculum and/or teaching.

Areas of study

Can include: Contemporary issues in education and society; historical perspectives on education; the psychology, philosophy and sociology of education; learning and development theory; adult and higher education; Māori education; and research and evaluation.

You can study Education in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You will be introduced to the major themes of education, and encouraged to review the nature and impact of current national and international initiatives in education against a background of understanding education as an academic discipline. Professional development for educators covers a range of topics, issues and subject areas.

Career opportunities

After completing your postgraduate programme a number of different pathways will be open to you. You may choose to work in the field of research and evaluation and in areas such as policy analysis, educational psychology, human resources, marae-based training and positions in universities and polytechnics. You may decide to continue your studies with a doctoral degree. If you already have a teaching degree, your studies in education will give you advanced theoretical understanding and background to complement and underpin your teaching practice.

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