Choosing your BA subjects and courses

Get help selecting the right subjects and courses for your BA studies.

Choosing BA subjects

There are more than 50 subjects available to study in Arts, and you can take any combination for your BA. You may get more out of your study if you construct a coherent degree made up of subjects that complement and enhance each other.

Choosing BA courses for your majors

Each BA subject has a list of courses you can choose from, known as the BA schedule. Some courses appear in the lists for more than one subject, but you can only count a course once, and for one subject.

The BA schedule also specifies any courses you must take (or cannot count) for the major. You should choose courses you can count towards your majors, and note any special requirements you need to meet for your major.

Courses not in the BA schedule

If a course is not listed in the BA schedule it is not a BA course but is available for another degree. Note that some BA subjects are also available for other degrees, and there may be some courses in those subjects that are not in the BA schedule but are available for other degrees.

You can include a limited number of courses from other degrees in your BA (this is not permitted in the BA conjoint). Check with Student Hubs before you enrol to ensure you will still meet the BA degree requirements.