Graduate student stipend

As a postgraduate student in Arts, you'll receive a print and photocopy credit each year.

If you are a currently enrolled student in a postgraduate programme in Arts, you'll receive up to $150 per annum as a print and photocopy credit, based on the number of points in Arts courses in which you are enrolled.*

The stipend for students undertaking the Screen Production course will not be by way of a printing credit, but as a credit towards additional equipment costs incurred within this programme.

Credit of up to $75 will be applied to your copy and print funds in Semesters One and Two in the third week of Semesters One and Two, respectively.

You are not required to apply for this credit. Any unused credit will expire 31 December each year.

*This credit is not available to students in non-Arts administered subjects, i.e. Economics, Education, Geography, Music, and Psychology.