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The Europe Institute hosts many events and seminars throughout the year, highlighting the exciting and in-depth study of Europe across the arts.



Hot topic: Disinformation and how to combat it: A European Perspective

16 May 2023

Kevin O’Connell (EU Delegation); Simona Fabrizi (University of Auckland)

Measuring and managing universities in the UK and Europe: Perverse incentives and changing ecology of higher education

20 April 2023

Cris Shore

Another democratic future is possible on innovations in democracy

29 March 2023

Claudia Chwalisz (DemocracyNext), Jon Alexander, with Max Rashbrooke (questions)


REPowerEU: Affordable, secure and sustainable energy for Europe

26 October 2022

Hot Topic Seminar

Speakers: Caroline Lambert (Head of Trade, EU Delegation), Dr Jen Purdie (Otago University)

Sponsored by EU Europe Aid Grant

Address of the Ukraine Ambassador to NZ Vasyl Myroshnychenko “Cooperation is crucial”

16 August 2022

Co-hosted with NZIIA chair: Hamish McDougall, NZIIA

Discussant: Dr Tatjana Buklijas, Europe Institute

Sustainable Trade and Climate Change in the New Zealand – EU Free Trade Agreement

12 May 2022

Hot Topic Seminar

Organised by: A/Professor Maureen Benson-Rea

Speakers: Caroline Lambert (Head of Trade, EU Delegation), Brett Longley (Senior Policy Analyst, MFAT), Professor Caroline Foster (Law, University of Auckland)

Sponsored by EU Europe Aid Grant

Beyond the Sound-bites: Contextualising the Russian invasion of Ukraine

18 March 2022

Hot Topic Seminar

Organised by: Prof. Bernadette Luciano

Speakers: Prof. Gordon Morrell (Nipissing University), Prof. Snejina Michailova (University of Auckland), Prof. Natalia Chaban (Canterbury), HE Nina Obermaier (EU Ambassador to NZ), Mr. Taha Macpherson (Divisional Manager Europe, MFAT)


Indo-Pacific Cooperation and Security

November 2021

Hot Topic Seminar

Speakers: HE Ms Nina Obermaier (EU Ambassador), Ms Pip McLachlan (Principal Advisor to MFAT for Asia and the Americas), Assoc. Prof. Yvonne Underhill-Sem (University of Auckland), Prof. Andreas Neef (University of Auckland)

Chair: Dr Jamie Gillen (Global Studies)

Co-hosted by: Global Studies

Business Culture in Europe

21 October 2021

The Europe Institute’s Dr Stefano Riela judged the 'Business Culture in Europe' annual best video competition. Over 100 New Zealand and Czech students created videos about business culture in EU countries. Watch all the videos here.

Second place went to New Zealand team Angela Liu, Cedric Pasco, Evan Nahill, Finn Bawden, and Lily Kang for their video on Latvia’s business culture. See their video entry.

With thanks to the Europe Institute’s Dr Peter Zamborksy for coordinating the competition in cooperation with Masaryk University and to the EU for their support.

What we remember? What we forget? Monuments, memorials and public space

9 July 2021

Hot Topic Seminar

Speakers: Dr Tiopira McDowell (University of Auckland), Dr Felicity Barnes (University of Auckland), Assoc. Prof Giacomo Lichtner (Victoria University of Wellington), Assoc. Prof. Sally Hill (Victoria University of Wellington)

Chair: Dr Sara Buttsworth (University of Auckland)

Supported by EU EuropeAid grant

Will global economic integration be the same after COVID-19?

8 June 2021

Hot Topic Seminar

Speakers: Dr Peter Zamborsky (Business, University of Auckland), Mr Niels Meinderts (MFAT), Stephanie Honey (Trade Policy Consultant)

Chair: Dr Stefano Riela (Europe Institute)

Co-hosted by Public Policy Institute

Supported by EU EuropeAid grant

H.E. Fernando Curcio, Spain’s Ambassador to New Zealand ‘The EU and Spain’

6 May 2021

Co-hosted by: NZ Institute for International Affairs

Chair: Prof. José Colmeiro (University of Auckland)

The EU-NZ Free Trade Agreement: What are the stakes?

6 May 2021

Hot Topic Seminar

Speakers: Ms Caroline Lambert (EU Delegation to NZ), Mr Ed Isaac (MFAT), Mr Frank Olsson (NZ Europe Business Council)

Moderation: Dr An Hertogen (Europe Institute)

H.E. Stefan Krawielicki, Germany’s Ambassador to New Zealand, ‘Change of Perspective – Sharing Experiences’

28 April 2021

Co-hosted by: NZ Institute for International Affairs

Chair: Mr Gregory Thwaite (NZIIA)

The Black Death and its Effects

29 March 2021

Public Lecture

Speaker: Dr Karen Jillings (Massey University)

Chair: Prof. Maartje Abbenhuis (Europe Institute)