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Business Culture in Europe
21 October 2021

The Europe Institute’s Dr Stefano Riela judged the 'Business Culture in Europe' annual best video competition. Over 100 New Zealand and Czech students created videos about business culture in EU countries. Watch all the videos here.

Second place went to New Zealand team Angela Liu, Cedric Pasco, Evan Nahill, Finn Bawden, and Lily Kang for their video on Latvia’s business culture. See their video entry.

With thanks to the Europe Institute’s Dr Peter Zamborksy for coordinating the competition in cooperation with Masaryk University and to the EU for their support.


30 July 2020:
The Rainbow Warrior Incident: 35 Years Later
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23 July 2020:
Professor Alan France (chair): Indoor Bubbles or Garden Gatherings?
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10 June 2020:
Dr Stefano Riela: Politics Is Over, But Covid-19 Is Still Here: What’s The Economic Status Of The European Union?
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