Cultural heritage consultant

Edward Ashby’s study gave him a solid understanding and expertise in anthropology and archaeology, which is central to heritage specialist work.

Edward Ashby photographed in front of an archaelogical site

Key facts

Career: Cultural heritage consultant at Arup
Programme: Master of Arts
Subjects: Anthropology

"I am currently employed by the design firm Arup. They are a global design consultancy who offer engineering, architecture, planning, environmental and management services. My role is as a cultural heritage consultant, within the Environmental Services Team at the London main office.

"My role involves working with private and public sector clients on the cultural heritage elements of projects, from risk identification and heritage management through to heritage design. I work on large and interesting projects such as redesigning the transport network within the Stonehenge World Heritage Site.

"My Arts degrees gave me a solid understanding and expertise in anthropology and archaeology, which is central to my role as a heritage specialist. In addition to technical skills and knowledge, my studies in Arts gave me a broad skill set and knowledge base in culture, design, geography and other areas of the humanities that I use to communicate and understand client needs and enable a more contextual or holistic understanding of the work that Arup does.

"I was attracted to the humanities and arts as a means to try to understand the world and the different ways people live. An Arts degree gives you a grounding in subjects that relate to big questions, ways of thinking, creativity and society. I think that these things are integral to a healthy society. I also wanted to explore a wide range of study areas while still having the ability to specialise.

"My Arts education gave me the broad skillsets required to be flexible and adaptable in my work, including applying this to communication, cultural understanding, and design."