A Master of Professional Studies in International Relations and Human Rights led Ricardo Gita Perkasa to a career as an international diplomat.

Key facts

Career: Diplomat
Programme: Master of Professional Studies
Subjects: International Relations and Human Rights

"I currently work as a diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia. At the moment I am assigned at our embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Meeting people from different cultural backgrounds and finding opportunities to work together is a privilege that I get from this job.

"At the University of Auckland, we are required to be critical when looking at issues or problems, so we can have a holistic understanding about the social or political phenomena around us. Assignments such as essay writing and presentations have helped me to use information effectively and precisely, and to come up with solid policy recommendations to present to my superiors or to the public.

"I decided to study International Relations and Human Rights because it is a field that aligns with my career as a diplomatic officer, and I thought the skills and the knowledge that I got from my study would boost my career.

"For those who are thinking of studying Arts, you will be surrounded by excellent people in an academic environment which will help you to reach your goals. Studying arts can lead you to many different career paths, so you can pursue something that is really your passion."