Knowledge management and communication specialist

Andrea Egan combined a passion for art projects with storytelling to report global climate events for the United Nations.

Andrea Egan

Key facts

Career: Knowledge management and communications specialist
Programme: Master of Professional Studies
Subjects: International Relations and Human Rights

“Since 2009 I have worked with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) highlighting climate change adaptation and biodiversity projects.

“My tasks with UNDP have included working on results and knowledge management in the Environment and Energy Group; producing knowledge management and communications products with Regional Technical Advisors on development projects globally; and bridging the creative media and international development fields by creating photo essays, producing videos, developing and maintaining websites, developing project profiles, and writing press releases, fact sheets, and success stories.

“I love it when I get to merge what I'm passionate about with artistic products. I also love being able to highlight stories of beauty and climate resilience around the world. I've been involved in over 50 UNDP Exposure Photo Essays and I've been able to produce a number of videos.

“At last count, the UNDP Photo Essays that I have worked on had a combined count of 250,000+ views and the UNDP project videos that I have produced have a combined total of 50,000+ views. It is very enriching to know that people are able to understand what's happening in a remote village in Myanmar - or at the Paris Climate talks.

“The concepts that I was exposed to as part of my MPS have served me well, and the strong research, writing and analytical skills that I gained during my studies have been very useful in my job.

“Climate change is global, and our capacity to understand and respond to the problem has to also be global."