Language teacher

Sabrina Huang makes a positive impact on people's lives through teaching English to adult learners.

Key facts

Career: Language teacher
Programme: Master of Arts
Subjects: Applied Linguistics

"I provide ESOL tuition to groups of adult learners from a non-English speaking background. My students include migrants, refugees, police recruits, and people working in different fields.

"I really enjoy working with police recruits. I especially enjoy developing materials and planning lesson for this particular class, partly because I admire what the New Zealand Police do for our society and partly because helping this bunch of lovely young people gives me an enormous sense of achievement.

"I have been in this job for almost a year now and I love what I do. It enables me to have positive impact on people's lives and to realise the needs and wants of the linguistic minorities in New Zealand.

"One of the most useful skills I gained from my Arts study was qualitative data analysis. This helps me to gather learners' feedback effectively in order to improve my teaching.

"My postgraduate study taught me to think outside of the box. People learn and acquire language differently so knowing how to use different strategies and teaching methods as well as various topics and teaching materials is very important in my working life."