Program strategist

A Master of Public Policy equipped Eddie Tuiavii with the skills to understand issues around the globe and influence their outcomes as a program strategist.

Eddie Tuiavii

Key facts

Career: Program strategist
Programme: Master of Public Policy
Subjects: Public Policy

"I work as a program strategist for the Kettering Foundation in Ohio, USA.

"I conduct research on what it takes for democracy to work as it should in various contexts and turn this into programs and workshops that can foster peace, prosperity and security in any region. I also organise exchanges and dialogues in which people from diverse nations explore a range of ideas that can improve public life at the community level and beyond, by encouraging citizen participation and advancing knowledge of democratic practices.

"The work is varied and extremely rewarding. Working collaboratively to conduct research, forums and workshops with civic organisations, communities and institutions in experimenting ways to strengthen democracy, guarantees that no two days are ever the same. 

"From conducting research with some of the brightest civic minds across the USA to hosting deliberative dialogue with city managers, mayors, senators, judges and democratic practitioners from around the world, being able to understand issues around the globe and influence their outcomes is pretty special.

"A highlight has been bringing together ultra-orthodox Jews, Arab-Jews and citizens from the Arab Network for the Study of Democracy, seeing them deliberate and wrestle with issues such as racial and ethnic tensions and watching them leave with common ground for peace-building was spectacular!

"I always knew I wanted a career that spanned the educational and political realms, on both a regional and international scale. I knew for a fact that an Arts education would best prepare me for that."