On air controller

Waimarama Mulqueen's Arts degree was the pathway to her job putting live events to air at Sky Television.

Key facts

Career: On air controller
Programme: Bachelor of Arts
Subjects: Media, Film and Television, Māori Studies

"I work as an on air controller at Sky Television, specifically in sport.

"I like to say that I just watch sport for a living, as my job involves putting live events to air and making sure they look as good as possible. Whatever I do, whether that is putting graphics up or rolling breaks, is seen immediately by viewers at home, which makes it quite high pressure. Similarly, if anything goes wrong with our equipment or anything on site at the event, I am the one who reacts and responds, and puts up the slide that says 'We are sorry for the interruption, and will be back shortly'.

"My Arts degree was my pathway to my job at Sky, thanks to internship opportunities available in a Film, Television and Media Studies* course I took.

"When I started university I initially studied Health Science. After my first year I knew that I wanted to change, and the variety within an Arts degree really appealed. I was able to take courses outside of my major and minor, and that diversity in subjects, opinions and thinking was something that was important to me, and subsequently crucial to working in a field I love.

"I believe that studying Arts was a really valuable experience for me, and opened up a lot of doors and opportunities. I would strongly encourage anyone thinking of pursuing an Arts degree that they embrace the opportunity to study a wide variety of subjects, and to look into what interests them, even if it doesn't seem like it all links together just yet."