English lecturer

Travelling to New Zealand to study for an MTESOL, China-based Jessica Su learned innovative ways of teaching.

Jessica Su

Key facts

Career: Language lecturer
Programme: MTESOL
Subjects: TESOL

"I had been a senior high school teacher in China for ten years before I had the opportunity to go on a trip to New Zealand, where I was introduced to innovative ways of teaching.

"I was interested in teaching skills, and decided to study for an MTESOL.

"New Zealand is so beautiful that I fell in love with it the first time I came. The University of Auckland ranks first in New Zealand and the admission requirements for their MTESOL are higher than other universities in New Zealand, which made me think that their programme would be the best.

"As a teacher, I was interested in the practical courses offered in second/foreign language teaching practice and task-based language learning and teaching.

"I come from China, where teaching English in most schools is more about grammar and test-taking skills and less about proficiency building.

"The course that I took in second/foreign language teaching practice gave me a glimpse of what English language teaching is like in western countries. During this course we had the opportunity to observe lessons in a school nearby, to carry out English learning activities at the English Language Academy, and to practice teaching to volunteer students.

"I was lucky to get a job as a lecturer at Shantou University (STU) in China after I graduated, where proficiency building is prioritised and class size is small. I’ve been trying out tasks in my lessons and gaining a deeper understanding of what I’ve learnt."