Lecturer in language education

Re-entering university as a mature student, Nadia Mifka-Profozic found her calling as a language lecturer.

Nadia Mifka-Profozic

Key facts

Career: Lecturer
Programme: PhD
Subjects: Applied Language Studies and Linguistics

"I am really passionate about research in second language learning, so doing research is the most enjoyable part of my current job. The University of York provides us with excellent conditions and wonderful resources to do research, so I do feel privileged to be able to work here. However, there is another part of my job as well - teaching, which I have been involved in for many more years but I still find it inspiring and very enjoyable.

"The fact that I received my PhD from the University of Auckland was something that significantly contributed to me being offered this position at York. Applied Language Studies and Linguistics at the University of Auckland is highly regarded internationally, and having a degree from this University does open the door for you in institutions around the world.

"As a practising secondary school teacher teaching languages I wanted to better understand the problems that second or foreign language learners face when learning a new language.

"I decided to enrol in a part-time Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages with a desire to learn more. It was an eye-opening and truly enlightening experience; the whole fascinating world of language acquisition and language use really opened up to me. It was a very natural process for me to go further and apply for a PhD once I had obtained my MTESOL.

"I would particularly like to encourage more mature professionals who sometimes think that they may be too old to study to go for it; I was already a mature student when I started my postgraduate study.

"Postgraduate study helps you to become a better professional and a better thinker. A PhD at a later stage in your life requires courage and hard work, but it gives you so much pleasure and real joy."