Targeted Admission Scheme

The Targeted Admission Scheme (TAS) is for Māori students and students from our equity target groups who have University Entrance but have not met the guaranteed entry score for our undergraduate programmes.*

*TAS is not available for international students.

Who is eligible for TAS?

  • Māori school leaver applicants who attain a rank score of 120-149 and have University Entrance.
  • School leaver applicants from equity target groups who attain a rank score of 120-149 and have University Entrance. Target equity groups include:
    • Pacific students
    • Students from refugee backgrounds
    • Students from low socio-economic backgrounds
    • Students with disabilities

Other admission groups

Māori and equity applicants from other admission groups will be considered for TAS admission if they attain a GPE score of <2.4 and show evidence of ability to succeed in Arts subjects.

Admission groups include:

  • Special Admission applicants
  • Students applying to transfer from other University of Auckland programmes
  • Students applying to transfer from other tertiary institutions

Evidence of ability to succeed may include:

  • Relevant work experience
  • Successful completion of university courses in Arts disciplines (for BA)
  • Successful completion of an appropriate CUAP approved foundation programme
  • Successful completion of New Start

How to apply

You do not need to make a separate application to be considered for TAS.

You may be asked to provide information to support your Application for Admission. You should supply any supporting information as early as possible, and no later than two weeks before the start of semester.

Applicants who provide information later than this may not be able to be considered for admission that semester.

Admission conditions

If you are admitted under TAS, the following conditions will apply to your first two semesters of enrolment:

  • You must attend a compulsory Faculty of Arts TAS enrolment fono/hui in order to complete your enrolment. You will be advised of the date, and if you do not attend we cannot enrol you.
  • You must attend the Faculty of Arts orientation programme.
  • You must complete DELNA. DELNA helps determine which Academic English course you should take in your first semester, and identify any necessary language support courses as a required component of your enrolment.
  • You must participate in the Tuākana programme (for Māori and Pacific students), or other specified support programmes.
  • You must attend TAS workshops held through the semester (your Student Support
    Adviser will contact you regarding when these will be held).
  • Students who declare a disability will be required to register with the Student
    Disability Services.
  • You may enrol in no more than four courses (60 points) in the first and second
  • In the first semester you will be required to enrol in an Academic English
    course as recommended from the DELNA (Diagnostic English Language Needs
  • If you do not pass your required Academic English course in your first semester, you will need to retake and pass it in your second semester.
  • If you do not pass your required Academic English course in your first two
    semesters of study, your enrolment will be discontinued.
  • In your first semester you will also be required to enrol in the following four courses: ARTSGEN 104, ENGWRIT 101, HISTORY 103, and SOCIOL 100.
  • You may enrol in one course in your first semester from a subject for the BA that is out-of-faculty (i.e. Geography, Psychology, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics or Education) AND/OR one General Education course (e.g., Law 121G).
  • You will be subject to Academic Standing rules in the same way as other students. This means that if you fail 50 percent or more of your courses in any semester, you will deemed to be at risk. If you repeat this pattern in the following semester you will be put on restriction and limited to three courses in that semester. If you repeat the pattern of failing 50 percent or more of your courses for a third time in a row then you will be suspended and not permitted to return to study for a 12 month period. A right of appeal is granted to students when they are put on restriction and/or suspended. 

Book an appointment

If you would like to find out more about the Targeted Admission Scheme, you can book an appointment with a Student Support Adviser.