China Learning Centres Mentoring Programme

Find out about how our China Learning Centres (CLC) Mentoring Programme helps you during your studies.

About Our Programme

Our CLC Mentoring Programme aims to create a community among international students who are studying at the CLCs and engage you with the Faculty of Arts and feel a sense of belonging with the University.

You’ll be assigned to one of our CLC Mentors who will provide you with ongoing support throughout the semester.

Our CLC Mentors

Our mentors are current students who are Mandarin speakers and will connect you with the other students at the CLC and in NZ. They are well-integrated to the Faculty of Arts and are familiar with the University Services.

Your assigned peer mentors will:

  • Answer your basic questions and connect you with the University staff when needed/necessary
  •  Set up a WeChat Group to connect and keep in touch with you
  •  Provide weekly engagement activities that allow you to interact with other students
  •  Share their experiences and tips
  • Help you with transition to life in New Zealand upon your arrival

As a result of these initiatives, you are able to engage with the Faculty of Arts and to touch base with your peer-mentors and student clubs upon arrival.

You will be assigned a CLC mentor automatically. If you have questions or want to find out more about the programme, contact