Social and Cultural Research

Learn the foundational skills for social science research, then build on this by exploring different approaches to quantitative and qualitative research.

The knowledge and skills you will develop

The ability to conduct research and analyse its results is an essential skill for many academic subjects as well as a valuable one for many professional roles.

In this module, you will develop a knowledge of the different methodologies used to generate and analyse data across the social sciences.

You will gain valuable skills in library-based research, interpreting numeric and graphic data, presenting information and working as part of a group.

How this module can be useful in your career

This module will be of particular benefit if you are studying a subject in the social sciences, although the skills you will learn are applicable to a range of fields.

You will develop skills in research and analysis as well as critical thinking and solution-seeking. You will also gain an understanding of research ethics.

You could take your skills into roles in data analysis or data management, policy development, planning or information management. You could work in local or national government, business, the health and education sectors, politics or market research.

The courses you can take

You must complete three of the courses listed below (45 points).

Each course is worth 15 points. Before you can enrol in a Stage II course you need to have passed the prerequisite courses for enrolment in that course.

Stage I course
SOCSCRES 100 Thinking like a Researcher

Stage II course
SOCSRES 200 Mixing and Matching Methods

Stage III courses
SOCSCRES 300 Working with Numerical Data
SOCSCRES 301 Skills in Qualitative Research