International Mentor Programme

Find out about our International Mentor Programme and read a summary of the role.

What is the Creative Arts and Industries International Mentor Programme programme?

2020 International Mentors

The International Mentor Programme is in place to assist international students in their transition to life in New Zealand, and study at the University of Auckland.

It aims to create a sense of community among international students while providing them with academic, social and administrative support.

We achieve this by hosting high-quality events, academic workshops and providing ongoing mentor support throughout the first year of study.

The programme is available to undergraduate and postgraduate courses, with a focus on new students and those on exchange programmes.

Our international mentors

Our mentors are high-performing students who are well-integrated into faculty and school culture. They’re responsible for making new students feel welcome and comfortable in their new environment by acting as a point of contact and offering support.

Contact us

If you have questions or comments regarding the International Mentor Programme, get in touch with our Creative Arts and Industries Student Centre.


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