Fine Arts international mentors 2020

Meet our international mentors from Elam School of Fine Arts.

Al Lin
Al Lin

Al Lin

My name is Al Lin, and I am in my third year studying a Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Fine Arts conjoint degree (BA/BFA), majoring in Music Production and International Relations for my BA.

I am interested in themes around recontextualization, immersion and presence; with a focus in moving image, sound, installation and time-based elements.

I see Elam as a platform that enables one to explore the self and the surroundings; also a portal that guides one to different places, both on the body and the mind.

Growing up in China and moving to Aotearoa in my formative years, I understand the challenges when adjusting to a new environment, and the potential pressure to assimilate.

I see the international mentor program being a ground for us to meet and support each other. We can do small group crits, assignment help, gallery visits or even just a chat! Excited to meet you all!

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Ben zhao
Ben Zhao

Ben Zhao

I am Ben Zhao. I am currently in the third year of my Bachelor of Fine Arts.

I discovered my interest in fine arts in my high school years. I’ve always been drawn to the concepts and production of art and art-making. As my practice holds an emphasis on art theory and the materialisation of those theories, I don’t specialise in any forms of medium. 

In terms of my ideal career path post-studies, I would hope to continue my love for fine arts through teaching and mentoring.
I am very grateful to be selected as an international mentor. It has granted me first-hand experience assisting international students both academically and socially.

The International Mentor Programme offers a wide range of assistance ranging from; collaborative learning, academic support, workshops on current matters and art critiques. We are here to help international students and build a supportive environment that caters to an Auckland experience.

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JingCheng Zhao
JingCheng Zhao

JingCheng Zhao

Hi, my name is JingCheng Zhao, currently studying fourth-year honours at Elam School of Fine Arts. I grew up in Beijing, China and came to Auckland around four years ago.

My research focuses on art-related social practice and socially engaged arts, at the same time, I’m running an art/media project outside of school. With the absorption from both theoretical education and actual practice in the industry, I realized the power of connecting with others in real life and the importance of being more discerning about the context we are all inhabiting.

As an international student myself, I understand the difficulties in studying abroad and how lost it would be in an unfamiliar environment. As your mentor, I hope we can build up connections and relationships with each other, boost creative thoughts and energies. We can have crits on what you are working on, go to galleries and talks and discussions on topics we are interested in.

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