Ben Satterthwaite

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies and a Master of Architecture (Professional), Ben has been busy working on projects at Warren and Mahoney Architects.

Ben Satterthwaite

Key facts

Career: Intermediate Architectural Graduate, Warren and Mahoney Architects.
Programme: Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Master of Architecture (Professional)*

"What I do as an Architectural Graduate depends on the projects I am involved in, and what stage they're at. I'm currently working on a large-scale aged-care project, a new residential build and a miniscule alteration. On any given day I could be drawing details, producing renders, iterating a developing design, or coordinating with engineers and other consultants. 

“During my studies, I was always afforded freedom of choice. Both the Bachelor of Architectural Studies and Master of Architecture (Professional) challenged the traditional narrative that architecture is limited to buildings and bridges.

"For one project, I was able to explore my personal interests and design sets for an original film - I wrote and designed a character-driven narrative set within the Star Wars Galaxy. My masters thesis was a project born out of anger following the 2016 US election. I was able to draw upon my architectural, intellectual and personal curiosities.

I see our profession as one that has the opportunity to truly change the world we live in.

Ben Satterthwaite

“Long term, I’m looking to transition into film and/or video game development. You'd be surprised how adaptable the skillset of an architect is. Our skills aren’t grounded in mere reality; we’re equipped to design entirely new worlds, stories and structures that are unbound by city councils or building codes, all while drawing on our learnt knowledge of design process, history and technology. 

“As an architect, you’ll learn to shape the world around you. You’ll contribute to structures that, with any luck, will stand for centuries. That legacy isn’t without weight; our contribution to the planet - environmentally and physically – is significant. I see our profession as one that has the opportunity to truly change the world we live in. It is up to us whether that is for better or for worse.”


*To become a professional architect, you must complete the Master of Architecture (Professional) or one of our associated combined masters programmes, followed by additional requirements from the registration boards.