Chirag Jindal

Chirag Jindal’s experimentation with emerging technologies during his study helped prepare him to operate a multi-faceted design start-up, serving commercial, creative and emerging industries.

Graduate Chirag Jindal

“Becoming a creative entrepreneur happened organically for me. I was working in a corporate environment and realised I wanted more outlets to exercise my creativity. Working in a shared space, surrounded by other designers, developers and small businesses introduced me to creative entrepreneurship.

“I work with terrestrial LiDAR scanning instruments to create precise digital replicas of buildings, landscapes, objects and events. We have a three-tier entity – working with architects and engineers to create precise 3D scans to help realise their projects; creative commercial work, usually in collaboration with agencies for brand and creative content; and larger, self-initiated projects, where we engage subjects with a critical and artistic approach.

“The things we work on don’t have a lot of precedent. We experiment and equip ourselves with new abilities and learn new programmes. Technologies improve, and they merge with each other to create new opportunities. I’ve noticed technologies have matured at an incredible pace, and I’m constantly coming across new opportunities and ideas which define what I do.

“As a designer, it’s important to equip yourself with as many tools and skills as you can. Play, play, play. The more you’re equipped with, the greater freedom and flexibility you’ll have as a creative.”