Anton Pulefale

Anton decided to study Dance Studies at the University because many artists he admired had studied it, and he was curious to learn more about their journey at university.

Dance Studies student Anton Pulefale

“I wanted to study dance because I wanted to discover more about what dance is and how far I can take my own creativity, choreography and dancing. I was initially a bit put off studying dance at the University of Auckland because when you think of dance, you don’t think of writing or research, you think about being in the studio and physicalising it."

I decided to study here because a lot of great artists that I look up to have come out of this programme, and I wanted to see what helped them get to where they are.

Anton Pulefale, Bachelor of Dance Studies

“As soon as I stepped through these doors, I realised I’d been given a chance to get up to par with where I thought the highest standard was. And then when I finally got there, I realised that studying dance had helped me craft my own artistry 10 to 20 times better than I had before.”