Gryffin Cook

A love of painting inspired Gryffin to study the Bachelor of Fine Arts, but he ended up doing so much more.

Gryffin Cook smiles in a beige collared shirt
Gryffin Cook

Why Fine Arts?

“I had an amazing painting teacher who went to Elam some years ago and described it as the best time of her life. My love of painting got me in the door, but somehow, I’ve managed to do everything except paint during my time here."

I am passionate about the potential for my art to provoke dialogue around questions of value, hegemony and technology. I am motivated by self-awareness of the past, self-criticism of the present, and projection into the future.

Gryffin Cook

What did you enjoy most about your study?

“The conversations, connections and collaborations with many incredible people at ​the University​.”

Why did you choose Waipapa Taumata Rau?

“The reputation of Elam as the premier contemporary art school in Aotearoa.”

Where to next?

“I intend to ​undertake postgraduate study in Fine Arts ​overseas ​to develop ​my art practice with further research and collaboration.”

Summer Research Scholarship Project

“The project was about applying a critical lens to the rapidly growing art genre of ‘Non-Fungible-Tokens’ ​(NFTs) ​and making artworks ​encapsulating​ this research. The project spawned the collective ‘Data Van Erg’​,​ which published four code-based NFTs on the Tezos blockchain.

“Following this project, I curated an exhibition at the George Fraser Gallery titled Inhuman Transaction. The show was a collection of self-critical works of art containing the conflict and promise of new technology. The show featured works from Data Van Erg, artists and lecturers involved in the research project, and local artists working at the intersection of art and technology.

“My supervisors​,​ Simon Ingram and Fabio Morreale​,​ were both incredible to work with for their critical perspectives and deep care for the subject of art.​”​

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Inhuman Transaction exhibited at the George Fraser Gallery and featured artists Sean Kerr, Xi Li 李曦, George Turner, Fabio Morreale, Leo Baldwin-Ramult, Grace Bella Wiegand, Angela Pan and Terrestrial Assemblages.